Welcome to the future of how we deal with stress.

Doctor Serin is America’s thought-leader in stress research and cutting-edge brain-enhancing technology. Her clinical research, resulting data and integrated tech is changing the way the world handles stress.

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Introducing TouchPoints.

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The brainchild of Dr. Amy Serin, TouchPoints™ are non-invasive lifestyle wearables that use patent-pending neuroscientific technology to relieve stress by over 70% in as few as 30 seconds.

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Areas of Expertise

    Including: Empowering your best life for C-Suite professionals, parents, adults; Parenting and teaching gifted children and teens; Hope for PTSD and trauma


    Including: Trends and treatements of stress in children, teens, and adults; Anxiety, PTSD, depression, and performance problems; Trends and treatments for sleep issues in children, teens, and adults; Trends and treatments for performance enhancement


    Including: Neuropsychology of Stress, Trauma and PTSD; EMDR Therapy Training; Review of published research on Bilateral Alternating Stimulation (BLAST); Continuing education for Medical Doctors, Neuropsychologists, Psychologists, Mental Health Counselors