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Dr. Serin’s best-selling book offers practical everyday “Stress Hacks” intended to help readers alleviate stress. It’s like getting a stress immunization shot in the arm.

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I’d love to help you have a better life. The Stress Switch can help. You see, we’ve been misled and mistaken when it comes to stress, thinking it’s something that happens to us, ignoring our inner states, and trying without success to outwit it and change it with strategies that don’t work. It’s time to get it right. Your life and happiness depend on it.
The Stress Switch isn’t just information– I explain what’s really going on and how to change your life significantly while skipping the same old advice you’ve heard a million times. From easy to understand explanations, to personal stories from my own struggle, to innovative fixes that won’t leave you stressed out about stress management- the content in this book can create a revolution of change that starts with you.