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Introducing The TouchPoint Solution to Stress!
Invented by Dr. Serin, TouchPoints™ are non-invasive lifestyle wearables that use patent-pending neuroscientific technology to relieve stress by over 70% in as few as 30 seconds.

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A Decade of Research

Changing the face of neuropsychology forever.
Over the last decade, Dr. Serin’s work in therapy and neuroscience led to a breakthrough realization that a component of successful PTSD treatment could be used as a stand-alone product for a range of individuals whose stress and intensities hamper performance, relaxation, sleep, and their ability to cope with sensory stimuli.
Using quantitative electroencephalogram data, existing neuroscience research and archival data, she determined the device produced significant and quantifiable brain changes after just seconds of use.

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It's TouchPoints with patent-pending BLAST technology.